What are the different types of Pistachios?



Iranians call the pistachios “Green Gold” because of its intense flavor and cultural popularity. Iranian pistachio producers provide a wide variety of premium pistachios that are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. They take pride in their broad range of pistachios, which enables them to offer our customers a product that will fit their terms and requirements perfectly, whatever they may be.

As well as shelled pistachios they provide pistachio kernels too. Kernels went through a shelling process, which means they aren’t offered in a shell at the end of the production process. Among these nuts ranges, there are Green Peeled Kernels. This type of pistachio kernel is categorized as fresh and raw pistachio as it’s collected one to two months before the more conventional-looking natural pistachios. Green Peeled Kernels experience a long process to release the kernel from the shell and peel.



Iranian In-Shell Pistachios

Pistachios are famous for their excellent flavor and fun easy-to-crack shells. As a special treat, they are popular during the holidays. These remarkable pistachios are dry roasted in the shell, with salt, and do not include any dyes.

The commercial pistachio varieties of Iran are these types:

  • Akbari Pistachio (Super Long Pistachio)
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (Long Pistachio)
  • Fandoghi Pistachio (Round Pistachio)
  • Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio (Jumbo Pistachio)
  • Badami Pistachio (Row Long Pistachio)
  • Each cultivar is classified into three groups:
  • Naturally Opened Pistachios
  • Mechanically Opened Pistachios
  • Closed Shell Pistachios


Many people don’t realize that pistachios come in a variety of types. You may have thought that, when you purchase pistachios, the differences are from one manufacturer to the next.

Although this is sometimes the case, there are still different types of pistachios on the market. Each type is known for being slightly different in some unique way. In our guide, we will go through some of the different types of pistachios so you know what to expect next time you purchase this delicious nut.



:Types of Pistachios

1. Iranian Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)



The first type of pistachio is the most widely known and probably the one you have eaten many times.

The first type of pistachio is the most widely known and probably the one you have eaten many times.

The pistachio is very heavily grown in Iran, and that is why you will see they are sometimes called by their Iranian name and not the English name.

This particular pistachio is round in shape and has been increasing in popularity for quite some time.

About half of all pistachios grown at this time are round pistachios.

The problem that many pistachio growers are finding with the Round Pistachio is that it takes quite a bit of planting to create a small number of pistachios.

This is unfortunate and has led to people choosing different varieties of pistachio to grow.



2. Iranian Jumbo Pistachio (Kalleqouchi)



The most important thing to remember about the Iranian Jumbo Pistachio is that it is enormous.

This nut is well known because of its size being considerably bigger than the other pistachio options out there.

This variety of pistachio grows a bit differently than some of the others, and it’s a very vulnerable plant.

The jumbo pistachio will cost you quite a bit more money than some other pistachio sizes, but you can rest assured that a lot more effort went into producing that crop than other crops.

The Jumbo Pistachio is very sensitive to both cold weather and a shortage of water.

If there are any issues with these, the crop will be significantly diminished.

One of the reasons you may be seeing this type of pistachio begin to go away is that it is not being planted much anymore.

The crop is still being produced from existing plants.

The problem that was noticed is that, after about forty years of production, the plants start to reduce their ability to produce pistachios significantly.

This is, of course, a problem for farmers who are planning their farms to last from generation to generation.

It is challenging to manage the desires of this particular breed of pistachio, and therefore, it may be one that starts to fade away completely.



3. Iranian Long Pistachio (Arbari, Badami)



The Iranian Long Pistachio is quite popular and is becoming more and more popular with each passing year.

This long pistachio is available in many different types, and you will notice it also seems to have a lighter shell than other varieties.

The Iranian Long Pistachio is harvested in late September, and the crops seem to be very strong.

Each year, the pistachio farmers are finding more and more success with the Long Pistachio variety.

Although this pistachio is not as large as the Jumbo version, it still allows you a decent-sized fruit.



4. Kernel Pistachio


Kernel pistachios are pieces from closed pistachios.

These are usually going to be small in size, and sometimes they will be broken apart as well.

These types of pistachios are great for cooking, and you can season them to your liking and then roast or bake them.

The kernel pistachio is also sometimes a bit lower in price than something like the Jumbo Pistachio because you are just talking about the pieces.


5. Green Skinned Pistachio



The green-skinned pistachios are sometimes called shelled raw pistachios.

These are technically the same thing, and they will look like you are getting the full pistachio without its shell in place.

The green-skinned pistachios are much easier to eat because you won’t need to remove the shell and work for your snack.

These pistachios are ready to eat, and you can quickly season them or roast them if you so choose.

Some people enjoy eating pistachios when they must remove them from the shell.

It adds to the experience, and it sometimes improves the taste and freshness of the pistachio as well.

This will become a matter of personal preference over time as to how you most enjoy eating pistachios.



6. Roasted and Salted Pistachios



When you purchase pistachios, you can get them raw and make your own adjustments to them, or eat them plain.

Many people like to purchase pistachios that are already roasted, flavored, or salted.

This is a common treat to put out when entertaining, and the possibilities of flavors are almost endless.

There are sweet pistachios, savory, salty, and more.

The critical thing to remember when buying roasted or salted pistachios is that you will probably pay more money for slightly smaller pistachios.

Since the process of roasting, salting and flavoring the pistachios is going to take time, you will pay a premium for these nuts.

The only problem is that sometimes you don’t get a better quality nut, just something flavored.

Making roasted or salted nuts at your home is undoubtedly a possibility if you want to be sure about the type of pistachio or the grade that is being used inside your meal.



7. Persian Elongated Pistachios (Akbari)



This is the longest variety of pistachio you will be able to find.

It is very similar to the Iranian long pistachios, but it should still be a bit longer.

These Akbari Pistachios have a vibrant nutty flavor, and they have a higher unsaturated fat content.

When you talk about adding more good fats to your diet, the Akbari pistachio would be an excellent choice to consider.

These particular pistachios are known for their flavor, and they are recognized globally.



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