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Zarin Peyma Ahura
Export Company with national ID 14010409441 with do​​​​blot store brand with registration number 393026 entered the field of international markets from 2021

With strong support, new ideas
technical knowledge and professional team
we have been able to capture a significant share of our target markets in a short time

This country we have services: Germany, Austria, China, Spain, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Brazil, UK, Turkey, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Mexico, Norway , Vietnam, Portugal, Netherlands, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Jordan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Peru, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Romania, Singapore, Chile, Serbia, Oman, Kazakhstan , Colombia, Georgia, Lebanon, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary and Nigeria

The distinguishing feature of our company


Providing all forwarding services and not outsourcing international shipping to reduce the costs of our buyers and shipping by four methods: sea, land, air and rail


1- Master and Visa card
2- Tether digital currency
(transfer of any amount of money with a maximum fee of 5$ / fast, secure and round-the-clock transfer)
3- Iranian payment gateway
(for Iranian customers living abroad)


Use e-contracts with international standards to eliminate all contract transfer costs and reduce paper consumption to protect the environment
double health with ​​​​​​​DOBLOT

This is our motto
We export the best quality, freshest and most natural products
That is why we say that with our products, your health is doubled

The health and satisfaction of our customers is our first priority